Flat Tire

This story goes back to April, 2020. I honestly don’t remember the exact details why my girlfriend and I took a trip to Buffalo, NY to visit her mom’s house. But all of that is not important.

We were driving on Interstate 90 heading west and as the title says, we had a flat tire. So we stopped on the shoulder and carefully checked the back left tire and we started to replace it. Forgive me for not knowing the exact terminology but the inside of the tire was rusty and we couldn’t get to remove the tire at all. So we called for help and waited.

As you might expect, I had my camera on me and seeing the highway message board, I decided to snap some shots of it. It displayed messages such as STOP THE SPREAD, SAVE LIVES, and STAY HOME. (I know what you’re going to say and I don’t know what to tell you). Anyway, I grabbed my EF 75-300mm with my camera at the time, Canon 70D and I took some pictures. I figured it’s not always that we’d have the chance to stop on the shoulder of a highway. Plus, it’s pretty dangerous to stop there.

Few days after, I edited the pictures and uploaded them to Unsplash. Now, this picture is my 4th most viewed with 941,873 views and 3,817 downloads.

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